All the tools and applications in one place

Build all the tools and apps you need without writing a line of code. Using a simple wizard, define data, logic, and views for those tools, which the platform stores as reusable applications. 

CODENO Apps backend

Define entities

Create your data structure

CODENO Apps supports the creation of custom data entities, allowing users to define their own data structures and fields. This flexibility enables businesses to capture and manage data in a way that aligns with their ideas.

Define the UI

Intuitive Application Builder

The platform empowers users with a complex no-code app builder, enabling the creation of custom applications without coding skills. With intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, users can easily design and configure new applications.

Rules and Control

Effortless Customization​

CODENO Apps provides rule-based logic capabilities. Users can define rules and conditions that automate actions, workflows, and processes within their applications. This eliminates the need for manual intervention.



With just a few clicks, users can publish applications without worrying about the underlying infrastructure. We take care of the technical details, ensuring that the applications run smoothly and reliably. 

Use predefined apps

Build in Appstore

CODENO Appstore offers instant access to a range of predefined apps, including sales, stocks, shift management, resource library, and documentation storage. Furthermore, the apps can be further customized for each department needs.

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