A No-Code mixed Reality solution ​​​

Merge digital information and the real world and thus unlock new possibilities 

for visualization, training, and collaboration.

AR Designer

Intuitive AR Apps Builder

The platform offers a complex no-code AR App builder, empowering users to create AR views. Additionally, it harnesses strong UI capabilities, including animated dashboards and drag-and-drop functionality, to create immersive experiences.

AR Experience

Immersive AR Experience

CODENO AR provides an immersive AR experience by overlaying digital content in the real world. This lets users engage with holographic objects like diagrams, manuals, real-time dashboards, and control panels in their environment.

AR Content

Remote Content Management

This feature allows users to remotely update and manage the content displayed in their AR app without any coding or technical expertise. Users can modify digital assets like dashboards, diagrams, images, videos, or text and seamlessly deploy updates to the app.


Enterprise Data Integration

CODENO AR integrates with existing enterprise systems, data, and IoT devices using CODENO Core. This enables seamless integration of AR into existing processes, allowing organizations to leverage their infrastructure and data in AR applications.

Who is CODENO AR for?

Our platform’s AR component benefits various industries and professionals, leveraging augmented reality for their specific needs.

Maintenance and

CODENO AR can assist in streamlining manufacturing and assembly processes by overlaying digital instructions onto physical objects.

Manufacturing and Assembly​

Technicians can view step-by-step instructions and overlay digital information on equipment, including schemas and real-time dashboards.

Education and

CODENO AR capabilities are valuable for training programs in industries like manufacturing and healthcare, enabling immersive training.

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