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Dashboard IoT infrastructure.

No-Code Development of your IoT Infrastructure

Develop custom IoT solutions quickly and easily without extensive technical knowledge or coding expertise. Use the platform’s intuitive visual interface to drag-and-drop pre-built components and configure them using simple logic. Thus, you can build fully functional applications in minutes.

Device Management

Device Provisioning and Registration

All the tools to securely connect and manage IoT devices at scale. This includes device provisioning, registration, authentication, and configuration management. It ensures devices are properly connected, can communicate with the platform, and can be remotely monitored and controlled. 

Visualisation & Control

Dynamic Data Visualization Tools​​

Gain quick insights with our suite of dynamic data visualisation tools, such as charts, maps, animated dashboards and widgets like metrics, camera, location, assets, and logs. Moreover, you can use the extensible symbol library to create captivating visuals for your data effortlessly.


Seamless Data Integration​

The platform offers REST/MQTT connectivity and custom PLC programming with C++ SDK. You can also integrate it with popular IoT protocols and gather data from various sensors and devices. Furthermore, the software lets you create customizable alerts and notifications to proactively monitor device performance.






File Source

No-Code OTA

Over the Air Device Programming

No-Code OTA remote programming offers a visual interface instead of coding, allowing users to customize device behaviour using a rules editor, templates, and configuration. No-Code OTA programming includes remote monitoring and debugging capabilities, enabling users to monitor device status, collect data, and troubleshoot issues remotely. This leads to increased flexibility, rapid updates, and efficient device management without coding or physical access.

Artificial Intelligence

Automated Data Analysis & Prediction​

Combined with CODENO AI, the platform uses advanced data analytics with machine learning for predictive models based on current and historical data. Thus, it helps users gain insights and make data-driven decisions to identify patterns and trends in their data.


Monitoring and Intelligent Alerts

The platform leverages rules and intelligent alerts to enable real-time data monitoring. It actively processes incoming data, identifies patterns or anomalies, initiates alerts, and facilitates automated actions to ensure prompt responses and enhance operational efficiency.

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