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Power of Data


Gain deep insights, make informed decisions, and drive business growth with our comprehensive suite of data intelligence tools and capabilities.

Data Integration

Multi-source integration

Integrate data from diverse sources, systems, and formats to enable comprehensive analysis and a holistic view of your business.

Data Visualisation

Dashboards and Widgets

CODENO platform provides a suite of dynamic data visualisation tools, including animated dashboards, charts, graphs, video streaming, and maps, enabling quick insights of the data. 

Data streams

Rules and
Intelligent alerts

The platform enables real-time monitoring of data by applying rules and intelligent alerts. It processes incoming data, detects patterns or anomalies, triggers alerts, and facilitates automated responses for timely action and improved operational efficiency.

Data Mapping

Data Cleansing and Preprocessing

Ensure data accuracy and quality by cleaning and preprocessing raw data, through integration and mapping to structured data, enhancing the reliability of your analysis.

Data Analysis

Data Exploration and Analysis

Provides the tools and functionalities for data exploration and analysis. This includes features like filtering, sorting, aggregating, and performing calculations on data to uncover meaningful insights


Extensible Symbol Library

Leverage our platform’s Extensible Symbol Library to customize and enrich your dashboards with pre-built symbols and icons. The library is extensible, allowing you to add your own custom symbols and expand the available options.

Data Security and Governance

Secure Data Management​

The platform ensures proper data governance by enforcing data access controls, data privacy measures, and compliance. It includes features for auditing data access, managing user roles, and maintaining data security.

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