CODENO at Productronica 2023 – München

From November 14th to 17th, CODENO proudly exhibited at Productronica 2023 in Munich. Our presence featured a showcase of our revolutionary platform, specifically crafted to unlock the full potential of processes in different industries.

It was a privilege to be part of the Romanian Association for Electronic and Software Industry, where we highlighted our capabilities at Pavilion 4, section E402, Stand no. PS1007.

Networking and Collaborations

CODENO booth buzzed with activity as attendees engaged in live demonstrations of the platform’s capabilities. From real-time data analytics to seamless connectivity solutions, each interaction highlighted the platform’s potential to reshape the landscape of any industry.

Throughout the event, CODENO team had the privilege of connecting with industry leaders, experts, and fellow innovators. These discussions revolved around the pressing challenges and exciting opportunities in Data Intelligence, IoT, AI, AR, digital transformation of industries – solidifying CODENO’s position as a key player driving meaningful change.

Next steps in our journey together

We extend sincere gratitude to all who visited the booth, engaged in insightful conversations, and contributed to the vibrant atmosphere at Productronica 2023. The tremendous support inspires us to persist in breaking barriers and fostering positive change in the digitalization of industries. We believe in transforming enterprises by recognizing that processes should guide technology, not the other way around.

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